The 4 Dimensions Of Love

The 4 dimensions
of Love

Jerome Pouliot
Yves Malo (collaborator; alias Styves)

132 pages ; 15,24 x 22,86 cm (6 x 9 inches)
Soft cover, perfect bound; paperback
Essential Collection
ISBN 978-2-9811957-5-3

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An overview of the extravagance of the heart of God manifested in Jesus Christ through his generosity, his forbearance in any test, to experience all of his depths and to rise up to the highest peaks of His Love. Here is a glimpse of the inheritance he left us in this will signed by his blood. 







Chapter 1   The Width

  • The attempt on the adamical life 
  • The new birth 
  • United in His death and resurrection 
  • The expectation of the Bridegroom to the Bride


Chapter 2   The Length

  • Much more than forgiveness 
  • The acquittal of our great debt 
  • The long list of our physical punishment 
  • The wound of our High Priest 
  • Much more than a marriage


Chapter 3   The Depth

  • As wise and deep as his Spirit 
  • An endless resource 
  • Penetrate the passion of His love
  • A change in governance


Chapter 4   The Height

  • The name who opens the Heavens
  • The Heavens earth-fulfilling
  • The fire that destroys the devil's work
  • The highest portion of the Inheritance



Jerome and his collaborator Yves, two quebecers of origin upon whom life seemed not to smile, both meet the Lord Jesus. One who was barely eighteen, geological engineer, felt led to become a pastor, however found himself sweping dust in a factory. The other, covering various fields such as computer science, theology and psychotherapy, goes through a divorce, undergoes countless failures and has a near death experience. However, God's plan unfolds while in motion in their lives.

In their first book, 'The Immense Treasures Of His Grace', they made us discover the essential aspects of God's grace and truth which can transform an unworthy vessel into a worthy bearer of life. Now our two insatiable researchers bring us into a new adventure whereby love is attainable. They help us to comprehend more of the various dimensions of this astonishing God in his being, who has established Christ and His work as the center of this universe: the new creation. They present us with an incredible overview of the extravagance from the heart of God manifested in Jesus Christ.

In the light of the Holy Scriptures referenced to divine revelations in this book, you will discover how to:

  • Be transformed by relying on His faithfulness;
  • Become a carrier and a diffuser of His love;
  • Realize that when it is paid, it's paid!
  • Surpass your limits by a constant obsession of the Son;
  • Be His dwelling, His endless joy;
  • Be filled to harmonize with Him;
  • Dive into His greatness so as to no longer restrict it;
  • Discover the preeminence of Christ;
  • Be reborn into a new life;
  • Say farewell to the long list of the devil's garbage;
  • Receive life through excellency;
  • Meditate to love more;
  • Know the highly pardoned out of the desolate
  • Rely on the Almighty, Greater One than ourselves;
  • Allow grow in order to attain liberty;
  • Enter into His celestial reality for your optimal benefit;
  • Walk in His footsteps to experience the beauty of His heart;
  • Think like God, love with wisdom;
  • And so much more!

Do not hesitate, be covered, comforted and crowned!