The Crowned Horns Of The Lamb's Power

The Crowned Horns
Of The Lamb's Power

Jerome Pouliot
Yves Malo (collaborator; alias Styves)

224 pages ; 15,24 x 22,86 cm (6 x 9 inches)
Soft cover, perfect bound; paperback
Transfiguration Collection
ISBN 978-2-9811957-7-7

under developpement 
en développement

A divine revelation about the power of the horns from the two altars in God's Temple: Christ and Him crucified.







Chapter 1   On The First Altar

  • The 1st Horn
  • The 2nd Horn 
  • The 3rd Horn
  • The 4th Horn


Chapter 2   On The Second Altar

  • The 1st Horn
  • The 2nd Horn
  • The 3rd Horn - part 1
  • The 3rd Horn - part 2
  • The 4th Horn - part 1
  • The 4th Horn - part 2


Chapter 3   The Lamb
                  With The 7 Horns And The 7 Eyes





Jerome and his collaborator Yves, two quebecers of origin upon whom life seemed not to smile, both meet the Lord Jesus. One who was barely eighteen, geological engineer, felt led to become a pastor, however found himself sweping dust in a factory. The other, covering various fields such as computer science, theology and psychotherapy, goes through a divorce, undergoes countless failures and has a near death experience. However, God's plan unfolds while in motion in their lives.


Do not hesitate, be covered, comforted and crowned!